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國際看見跨性別日 TransGender Day of Visibility

台北市No. 28, Lane 50, Taishun Street, Da’an District Taipei, Taiwan 106

💜 國際看見跨性別日 Transgender Day of Visibility 💜

A Flag of a Different Nation: exploring the beauty of trans identities, through the imagery of flags.

March 31 2020 marks the 11th year anniversary of Trans Day of Visibility! Trans and non-binary individuals have made so many great strides on the path to equality in the last 10 years. However, there is still hate among us. A lot of those who identify as trans are still silenced by their families, their work-space, and even their countries. This expression workshop is a safe space to express our feelings and celebrate the fierce, strong, and magical trans community here in Taipei.

We create our own trans flags to express our own individuality. We will start the workshop with a promise and a brief discussion on trans identities and Trans Day of Visibility. At the end, if you are comfortable, we will share our flags and stories.

This workshop is lead by artist Qori Moore. Qori is a non-binary identifying artist originating from the United States. They will have art, reflecting the workshops theme, visible for inspiration and guidance.

This event is open to all genders and all skill levels. This workshop will be conducted in English but a Taiwanese interpreter will be available upon request.


2020/3/31 是國際跨性別現身日的十一週年!在過去十年中,跨性別者和非二元性別者在通往平等的道路上取得了大幅的進步。


此工作坊由藝術家Qori Moore帶領。Qori Moore是來自美國的非二元性別藝術家。現場將有相關主題的藝術作品展示以激發靈感。


We ask for a suggested $400 donation, since supplies will be provided. A portion of the proceeds will support Taiwan Tongzhi, an LGBTQ organization dedicated to providing resources and enforcing equality, here in Taipei.