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回收物工藝品工作坊 Zero Waste Lifestyle

台北市No. 28, Lane 50, Taishun Street, Da’an District Taipei, Taiwan 106

講英語和中文。Instructor speaks English and Chinese.

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***DIY Cloth Face Mask with Air Filter***
Are you or your family having trouble getting your hands on quality face masks? Thankfully, we have found a Taiwanese doctor who shared his instructions on creating a DIY Cloth Face Mask with Air Filter and want to share it with you! Unlike surgical masks, these face masks can be washed with hot water and reused frequently. They will have a 3-layer structure using waterproof and microfibre materials.

Ditch the toxins and make your own natural, organic, and toxin-free products. Instruction and guides will be provided for each DIY product. You are welcome to make as much or as little you want - all supplies and containers will be provided. Using natural ingredients like organic coconut oils, agave nectar, and essential oils, you have the option of making and taking home your own.

你或你的家人正苦惱著高品質口罩取得不易嗎? 好消息,我們找到一位願意分享的台灣醫師,帶我們DIY含濾心的布口罩!不像一般外科口罩,這種採用防水超細纖維的三層結構口罩,可以洗後重複使用。

通常在商店你所能找到的頭髮和皮膚護理產品都充滿了刺激性的化學物質、毒素和對你和環境有害的成分。 把毒素丟掉吧,來製作屬於你自己的天然有機無毒產品。

**Special Pricing**
~ 1st hair or skin product: $300
~ Additional hair or skincare: $150
~ Face mask: $200

將為每個DIY產品提供說明和指導。歡迎你自由選擇你想製作的量 - 現場將提供所有材料和容器。選用有機椰子油、蜂蜜、燕麥和精油等天然成分,你可以自由選擇製作並帶回家以下

~ 含濾心的布口罩