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Funky Drag Brunch

星期三, 六月 17, 2020 - 10:19

6/21(日) 下午1:00 – 下午6:00

Drag Brunch is the *most* important meal of the week! Come snack on all the fun things we've got planned for you guys...we'll make you twist and shout whilst you quench your (summer) thirst!

At our #FunkyDragBrunches the drag performers are holding court, and the crowd --a diverse mix of fabulous folks-- are always ready for the sermon! Get into it!

**Heads Up** Drag Brunch is a contact sport, so you and your friends have to run a flawless, coordinated attack in order to snag a seat at *the* hottest #SundayFunday spot in the city! And here's a lil secret between us gals...Carnegies has TWO happy hours! Gasp! You better pull up and join us for some #SundayFunday madness yo!

Come munch on a brunch...sip and dip...and tap your feet to the funky beat! Want to get rid of that "make up day" fatigue? Then join us for a day filled with bags full of naughty fun.

Menu Of Fun:
Yumzzz Food ✅
(Strong) Cocktails ✅
Fab Drag Shows ✅
Funky Beats ✅
Bingo ✅
Fun & Games ✅
Cheeky Surprises ✅


DJ Marcus Aurelius - 馬克思

Bouncy Babs

Drag Performers:
Amily Givenchy
Marian Mesula

🌟 Entrance: $200 p.p (including drink) / We also have Boba Mimosas on the menu!

🌟 Reservations: 'First come first serve' policy on table reservations!

📢Please note: Don't contact the restaurant for bookings...message us directly!

🗣️ Temperatures are still taken at the door and hand sanitizer is supplied at the entrance also. Please wear a mask if you're not feeling well and *please* wash 👏 your hands 👏 properly 👏 when you've been to the toilet....ain't nobody got time for some unwanted germs! 🤭