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主辦單位 : MOWES

Sketch Club 素描俱樂部

No. 28, Lane 50, Taishun Street, Da’an District Taipei, Taiwan 106

時間 Time: 

8/6(三)  19:30-20:30
8/13 (三) 19:30-20:30
8/20 (三) 19:30-20:30
8/27(三) 19:30-20:30

對所有性別開放! Open to all genders!
講英語和中文。Instructor speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.

Has it been years since you've opened a sketchbook? Have you always wanted to draw, but been too scared to try? Build your drawing practice in a friendly, supportive environment. Chat, sketch, and de-stress!

How it works:
* One person brings something to draw (an object or photo) each week
* You can do a sketch of the group model or work on a project of your own
* Tea provided, bring snacks for sharing if you want.

Materials: Please bring your own. What you use is up to you, but the suggested materials to start are as follows:
* Sketchbook (A3 or A4 size, basic drawing paper)
* Sketching pencils (2H, HB, 2B & 4B)
* White vinyl eraser
* Kneaded eraser
* Pencil sharpener
* Blending stump (optional)

Please note: this is NOT an art class with instruction in technique. This IS a regular, friendly meeting with like-minded people to provide the accountability and motivation that so many of us need to start and continue practicing a skill. If you like the idea of making friends while doing some independent drawing, come join us!


* 每週由一位成員帶些東西來讓大家一起畫(物體或照片都可以)。

*素描鉛筆(2H、HB、2B 和 4B)


Cost 費用: $200 元
*Includes a cup of tea or wine and space provided by MOWES

In our attempt to be inclusive to all, the class fee is a suggested amount. All funds support our studio, its programs, and the instructor. If you are unable to pay, please let us know.