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ASIA Rainbow Ride Sunset Training Ride. 亞洲彩虹騎行-單車訓練

星期日, 十月 4, 2020 - 16:30
Dingpu Youbike Station to Ximen

亞洲彩虹騎行是一群志同道合的自行車友們!我們相信人人都有相愛的自由,特別是在亞洲目前還有許多對同志不友善的法律存在。我們籌備了十月份的年度公益騎行。如想瞭解更多請上官網 www.ASIARainbowRide.com


騎行日期: 9/20
路線:From Dingpu Station Youbike to The Garden Bar at Ximen's Red House 
路程:20KM 約1鐘頭
報名請洽 Eve LINE: eve_teo


* 可以先用Youbike APP或上YouBike官網 https://taipei.youbike.com.tw/station/map 查詢單車數量,如果數量低也可先在附近的Youbike站租車再一起集合
* 使用YouBike租借系統前,請記得登記您的儲值卡
* 提醒您儲值卡中有足夠的金額
* 租車前請檢查車況,如果有車椅是翻轉180度的代表自行車等待維修,請另選一台自行車

The ASIA Rainbow Ride is a community of cyclists who believe that everyone in Asia should have the freedom to love. We are starting an annual charity ride this October.  Learn more about us at www.ASIARainbowRide.com 

Join us for a free training ride this to get to know the organizers and meet new friends. We'll ride for one hour along the river and then enjoy some social time at Dadaocheng pier plaza while watching the sunset. 

Bring your bike or rent a YouBike for the afternoon. We'll be meeting at a YouBike station near the Xindian MRT station. 

Dates:Sunday 9/20
Route:From Dingpu Station Youbike to The Garden Bar at Ximen's Red House 
Distance:20KM About 1 hour
Meeting Point:https://goo.gl/maps/EevjYpsjm2SYAwpAA
Contact Eve on LINE eve_teo for day of coordination.

Rain or shine (within reason). Bring a light jacket in case of drizzle.

Tips using YouBike
* Availability: Please check the youbike app or website for availability and if the numbers of bikes are low, pick up one from a nearby station before joining us at 4:30. https://taipei.youbike.com.tw/station/map
* Registration: Make sure your EasyCard has been registered at the YouBike Kiosks.
* Deposit: Make sure your EasyCard has money. You can add money at the MRT Station or Major convenient stores (7-11, Family Mart, etc.)
* Checking: Check the Bike for tires and functionality. If you see a bike with the seat rotated 180 degrees, it means it’s waiting for repair, so don’t check that one. Simply select another YouBike.