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Pride x Rainbow Halloween (special guest: Putochinomaricón)

星期六, 十月 31, 2020 - 23:00 ~ 星期日, 十一月 1, 2020 - 05:40
PIPE Live Music

本活動由 WERK 和 DJ Nina (Queen Bee) 主辦

🏳️‍🌈▪️▪️WERK! 同志遊行 x 萬聖節特別企劃 ▪️▪️🎃
WERK! Presents: Pride x Rainbow Halloween (special guest: Chenta Tsai aka Putochinomaricón)

結合同志遊行和萬聖節兩大主題的變裝盛會 — “WERK! Pride x Rainbow Halloween” 是愛好地下場景和變裝文化的派對動物和酷兒們在每年同志遊行當晚台北最火熱的秘密集會聖地!
今年WERK移師至「公館自來水園區」,在燈光硬體舞台設備更專業、擁有全球頂級FUNKTION ONE音響、百萬河景、挑高六米、堪稱台北市最獨樹一格的工業復古風百年古蹟展演空間 — “PIPE Live Music”舉辦,絕對帶給大家更加全然耳目一新的派對氛圍!

For the past 6 years, WERK has been responsible for serving the most fabulous Pride after-party x Halloween costume party for those who love drag culture, house music, and underground vibes. The year there’s no exception! Although more excitingly we are organizing the party at our NEW home, PIPE Live Music! An a hundred-year-old historic industrial building, arguably Taipei’s most unique performance venue with the best sound system (FUNKTION ONE ), located on the chill riverside by Gongguang Waterfront plaza. It’s gonna be a hell of a night to remember we guarantee!! 😘


🧁🥡關於special guest DJ Putochinomaricón🥡🧁

走紅於西班牙樂壇的「亞裔同志潮人/DJ/歌手/作家/建築師/小提琴家」 “Chenta Tsai (aka Putochinomaricón)“ 其實是個超級厲害的台灣人。從小移民西班牙、風格前衛反骨搞怪可愛又叛逆的Chenta Tsai將藝名故意取為“Putochinomaricón” (翻成中文意思為「死中國娘炮」),是來自於自身曾經在街頭遭辱的經驗。
擁有高人氣的“Putochinomaricón ”不但在歐洲的各大音樂節演出、是許多國際精品品牌爭相合作的新世代網紅,還是西班牙的國家報紙El País的專欄作家。因為對LGBTQ族群內外的種族歧視、自拍世代等議題提出尖銳批評而揚名西班牙,是個不折不扣的台灣之光!

*About special guest DJ Putochinomaricón:
Sometimes, some groups spread so quickly online and on social networks, and their songs and messages have such an impact that when their first songs are officially released they are already really well known. They’ve already been applauded by the media and stalked by the most unconditional fans. Such is the case with Chenta Tsai, better known as PUTOCHINOMARICÓN (CHINK FAG). A migrant originally from Taiwan, he is an architect, a musician, an activist, and a unique, inimitable character in love with pop culture from recent decades. Interviews in El País, La Sexta, El Confidencial, FantasticPlastic, Radio 3… Concerts where the audience goes crazy and songs that are authentic protest anthems for new generations… These have been his first steps in the music world...


🎧🎧▪️DJ LINEUP▪️🎧🎧

▫️Putochinomaricón (Elefant Records) 🇪🇸/🇹🇼
▫️Nina (Queen Bee/WERK) 🇹🇼
▫️Rainbowchild (Fairy/Locker Room) 🇹🇼
▫️Touché (B1/Blush/Ghost Club)🇫🇷



★De’Vill (美神)

💋Winner of WERK! Angels & Demons Lip-Sync Battle

★Malisa BI-CH

💋NYX FaceAwards Taiwan Top 6

★Yangminshannon (陽明珊倫)

💋Retired 90’s House Diva

★ Flair Debonair

💋 Winner of Shanghai’s Annual Amateur Drag Contest





▫️Alejandro Wang 山大王藝術攝影

🌈Free HIV testing on site.
▫️活動當天於彩虹酷兒健康文化中心攤位參加愛滋梅毒匿名篩檢者, 可獲得精美贈品一份, 送完為止!


🎃🎃Admission (入場費)🎃🎃
▫️$500 NT (W/ 1 drink)

▫️Must be 18+