fbpx 十月份非二元性別討論會:看見非二元 | Taiwan Queer Guide 台灣酷蓋
主辦單位 : 女書店


星期日, 十月 25, 2020 - 14:00 ~ 17:00


*** 這個活動主要設計給認同為非二元、酷兒、或正在探索性別認同的夥伴們。如果你對性別酷兒議題有興趣,但認同為順性別、二元跨性別,只是需要基本知識,我們仍然歡迎你參加,但請多聽聽別人的經驗,避免在過程中大量發言。
*** 因應新型冠狀肺炎(COVID-19,武漢肺炎)疫情,請全程配戴口罩。

❖時間: 10/25(日),14:00-17:00(13:50開放入場)
❖主辦:台灣非二元酷兒浪子 Taiwan Non-binary Queer Sluts
❖入場費:150 元(佩戴非二元社群胸章者可享優惠價 100 元)
As a non-binary person, how do we claim our place in society is largely related to how society sees us and how we see ourselves. What is non-binary? How do you explain to others what non-binary is? These questions are closely related to every non-binary person. You are welcomed to participate and discuss how non-binary people survive in today’s world. In addition, 10/30 is Taiwan's second Trans March, we hope you will join us and participate in the march!

*** This talk is meant as a safe space for nonbinary and genderqueer people, or people in the process of exploring their gender identities. If you are interested in topics surrounding nonbinary or genderqueer identity but identify as cisgender or binary transgender, you are still welcome to participate. We just ask that you take up less space and focus on listening to others experiences.
*** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please wear a facial mask during the whole discussion

❖Time & Date: Sun October 25th, 14:00-17:00 (venue open from 13:50)
❖Place: Fembooks(No.7, Lane 56. Section 3, Xinsheng South Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City)
❖Host: Taiwan Non-binary Queer Sluts
❖Entry Fee: $150 ($100 if you are wearing a non-binary community pin!)
*Group discussion in Mandarin Chinese