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BH! “Halloween Pride” Disco Party

星期六, 十月 31, 2020 - 22:00 ~ 星期日, 十一月 1, 2020 - 04:00
Triangle (圓山花博MAJI集食行樂)

本活動由 Triangle 、 GBTaiwan 和 Toto Sean 主辦


GB presents: BH! “Halloween Pride” Disco Party

🏰歡迎來到「Game Boy主題樂園」🏰
⏰時間:🕙10 p.m. - 🕓4 a.m.
🔺地點:Triangle (圓山花博MAJI集食行樂)
🌈性感彩虹驕傲 (性感或彩虹元素)
🎃萬聖節 (瘋狂服裝)
✨迪斯可 (閃爆亮片)

🌈這一次GB攜手Triangle聯手打造 「末日迪斯可園區」,讓各位來賓能在一年一度的萬聖節與同志大遊行兩大盛事期間,不再有選擇障礙,可以一票雙享受,體驗猛男環繞與萬聖共舞的樂趣🌈🦄🏳️‍🌈+👻🎃🕸


⛲️「音樂殿堂」由我們的獨立音樂教母Sonia Calico操刀,其出神入化的技巧以及超強大氣場保證嗨翻全場!
🛸「未來舞台」會有我們的萬聖變裝女王Omi、GB驕傲猛男團、以及藝術2人組Kahlan Marcus + Byron Duvel帶來精彩表演!這裏也是各位來賓的舞台,歡迎大家上台展現你們精心準備的裝扮!

Sonia Calico
Böbby Lin


André Chou
Eason Chen
Henry Chen
Touya Xiao

Kahlan Marcus + Byron Duvel
🚁贊助廠商:JACK’D、哈利男孩俱樂部、 愛男人購物、彩虹酷兒健康文化中心、CHENG PAI CHENG


6~8人,VIP區 NT$ 5000
6-8人,舞池區 NT$ 4000
❈ 以上將不額外收取服務費 ❈

即日起Triangle將嚴格執行:「未出示身份證或護照者,禁止入場」以及「禁止使用非法藥物」之政策。 忘記攜帶證件者恕無法入場;使用非法藥物者,經本店查獲,將立即通報警察。


🏰Welcome to “Game Boy Amusement Park” 🏰

🗓 Oct. 31st, 2020/ Saturday
🕙 10 p.m. - 🕓4 a.m.
🔺 Triangle (MAJI Square/ Yuanshan)
🎫 NT$ 500 (1 Drink Included)
👙Dress Code: Let’s Celebrate 🎉
🌈Pride - Sexy or Rainbow Elements
🎃Halloween - Crazy Costume
✨Disco - Sequins

🌈This time, we team up with the amazing club, Triangle, and create a theme park “Apocalyptic Disco.” Is it always difficult for you to choose from the annual event “Taipei Pride” and the craziest “Halloween” festival? Now you can have both of “Fun” all in Triangle. You get to enjoy both “Sexy Guys & Drag Queens” and “Fun Costumes & Good Music.” No need to choose anymore🌈🦄🏳️‍🌈+👻🎃🕸

🏰There are 4 areas in “Apocaliptic Disco”🏰

⛲️Taiwan Indie electronic pioneer, Sonia Calico, will be our Goddess in the “Music Palace.” She will assure you amazing music all night long!
🛸On the “Stage of Surreal,”we have prepared lots of exciting programs. Our talented line-up - the representative of Halloween spirits, Omi, the GB Pride Boys, André (International Gogo Boy), Eason (Internet Sensation), Touya (Mr. Gay Taiwan 2017), and Henry (Mr. Gay Taiwan 2018) and the creative artists, Kahlan and Byron. The most important of all, you are more than welcome to come on the stage and show off your sexiness or your crazy costume!
🎢The “Apocalyptic Dance Floor” will be flooded with color and moving lights. Dancing with imaginary creatures in the clouds of Dazzling laser, how fun is that!
🏖Beside those cool exciting zones, we also have our beloved chill out area the “Cosmic Resort.” You can rest and chill out here and keep dancing again!
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Just be happy and come celebrate the most wonderful night of the year with us🎉🥂🎊

⛲️Music Palace⛲️
Sonia Calico
Böbby Lin

🎃Hallow Drag Queen🎃

🌈GB Pride Boys🌈
André Chou
Eason Chen
Henry Chen
Touya Xiao

👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻Hallow Pride Artists👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻
Kahlan Marcus + Byron Duvel

🚁Sponsors:JACK’D, iMen, Harry Boy, Rainbow Queer, CHENG PAI CHENG
🎗 FREE anonymous HIV testing on site🌈🌈🌈

A Complimentary Bottle of Sparkling Wine If You Pre-book
❈No Service Charges❈
Dance Floor Table: NT$4000 (Max 8 People)
VIP Booth: NT$5000 (Max 8 People)
Contact 0933449874 or Message our PRs!


Order Now :

• No Beach Shorts, Sandals or Flip-flops
• ID Check is Mandatory for Entry (Copies or Pictures on Phones are Accepted)
• Accepted IDs: Passports, A.R.C., Taiwan’s ID Cards, or Taiwan’s Driving Licensees
• Foreign IDs are not Accepted