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瘟疫的慢性處方|庶民的增高墊 行動展演 | MOCA Taipei

台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei

《庶民的增高墊 The Stage for Ordinary People》發聲行動展演
By 臺灣感染誌協會 Taiwan HivStory Association
The voices we can hear passed certain level of screening. We screen degrees, experience, or even disease state to control the so-called harmony and normality in the society. Have you heard the real voice? Do you know what the world really looks like? Standing on the stage, the voices we did not hear in the past can be heard. The things we did not see can be seen. This work is consisted of short speeches on various topics. The activist will stand on it and give speeches. Through the exposure of different identities and disease states, it results in different political effects.


行動場次 Session times::
2019/10/26 13:00~13:10 家庭關係 Family Relations
2019/11/02 13:00~13:10 伴侶關係 Relationships
2019/11/09 13:00~13:10 政治社會 Politics and Society
2019/11/30 13:00~13:10 歧視汙名 Discrimination and Stigma

瘟疫的慢性處方 Interminable Prescriptions for the Plague | MOCA Taipei
2019.10.05 SAT – 2019.12.01 SUN 10:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Monday)

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