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  • First rainbow sightseeing tour bus in Taiwan history
  • Featuring drag queen as tour guide, you know that means fun!
  • In-depth look at the history of LGBTQ culture 
  • Special guests on selected tours: 夫夫之道Fufuknows /  阿卡貝拉caca&bella /  厭世動物園
  • Group-in-group-out, include afternoon tea or dinner
  • First look on Taipei's newest 2020 rainbow attractions
  • Exclusive rainbow gift 
  • First 300 to register will receive special soap gift set
  • Free Wi-Fi internet and charging sockets provided

• Afternoon session: 12:30-15:00,15:00 arrive at Fairy for afternoon tea
• Evening session: 16:00-18:30,18:30 arrive at Wonder for dinner
• Rainbow lightshow session: 17:00-20:00
,20:00 arrive at Wonder for dinner

MRT City Hall Station, Exit 4

10/3 (六)   | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                           16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/4 (日)   | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/9 (五)   | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/10 (六)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/11 (日)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/17 (六)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/18 (日)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/24 (六)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session
10/25 (日)  | 12:30-15:00 Afternoon Session
                            16:00-18:30 Evening Session

10/29 (四)  |  17:00-19:30 Rainbow Lightshow Session
10/30 (五)  |  17:00-19:30 Rainbow Lightshow Session

Afternoon Session 12:30-15:00
MRT City Hall Station Exit 4 → Taipei City Hall North Plaza → Gin Gin Bookstore → 228 Peace Memorial Park → Red House/Ximen Rainbow Crosswalk → Aniki Sauna → Fairy Taipei(meal)

Evening Session 16:00-18:30
MRT City Hall Station Exit 4 → Taipei City Hall North Plaza → Gin Gin Bookstore → 228 Peace Memorial Park → Red House/Ximen Rainbow Crosswalk → Aniki Sauna → Wonder Bar(meal)

Rainbow Lightshow Session​​​​​​​ 17:00-20:00
MRT City Hall Station Exit 4 → Taipei City Hall North Plaza -→ Gin Gin Bookstore → 228 Peace Memorial Park → Red House/Ximen Rainbow Crosswalk → Aniki Sauna → Rainbow Lightshow → Wonder Bar(meal)

Gin Gin Store - The First LGBT Culture Shop in Asia

"Taiwan's first LGBTQ book store",
"The first place where you can freely reveal your gay identity during the day",
"The first shop to put up the rainbow flag in Taiwan",
"A base to promote the development of gay communities."
Established in 1999, it has become a must-visit spot for tourists.

228 Peace Memorial Park

The 228 Memorial Park was the early gay gathering spot in Taipei.
In the past conservative and repressive years,
It was the rare and popular place to meet other gay people.
In 1997, an unlawful police raid placed the park in the LGBTQ history.
Taipei city has since painted the gate rainbow.

Ximen Rainbow Crosswalk

First rainbow crosswalk in Taiwan, to display Taipei city's value in diversity and culture.


Red House / Bear Village

Red House used to be a theatre where gay people hang out, slowly the surrounding shops began to put up rainbow flags.
Now a popular destination where tourists and locals choose from a variety of bars to sit outdoors and mingle.

三溫暖 (Aniki)

The famous sauna culture in the gay community,
This time we will take you directly in for a guided tour,
Uncover the veil of mystery and embrace the diverse world of eroticism.
(You must be at least 18 years old to enter this attraction)

Wonder Bar

The most popular night gathering spot for lesbians.
Look forward to the possibility of making new friends here.

Fairy Taipei

The word Fairy means little fairy, and "Fairy Taipei" is like an elf hiding in the alleys of the East District.
Behind the doors of an obvious store front, there is a small world under the shade of greenery.
A popular hangout with a a mixed crowed of all sexuality and gender.




Total of 17 trips/Maximum 35 people per trip
Famous drag queen "The Queen" as your tour guide
Price:NT$ 700/person



Total of 3 trips//Maximum 35 people per trip
Featuring special guests at selected dates
Famous drag queen "The Queen" as your tour guide
Price:NT$ 700/person

10/3 Evening Session 16:00-18:30 FuFu Knows

10/4 Evening Session 16:00-18:30 CaCaBella

10/29 Rainbow Lightshow Session 17:00-20:00 厭世動物園


  1. Go to KKDay registration page to select date & session
  2. Confirm quantity of people
  3. Confirm product details
  4. Choose from payment options:Credit Card、Line Pay、National Travel Card
  5. Payment successful, receive e-ticket containing QRCode in your KKday app or email
  6. You can use your e-ticket to receive discounts at partner hotels and shops
  7. On the day of the tour, present your e-ticket at the bus to receive your rainbow gift bag
  8. First 300 early bird registrants will be given an exclusive DaChun Soap giftbox, a joint product of Taipei City



  1. Tour bus departs on-time, please plan to arrive early. If you are late, the bus will not wait and there will be no refund for your ticket.
  2. If there are traffic restrictions on the day of the trip, the route may be adjusted.
  3. During the transportation of the trip, it is strictly forbidden to stand or stick your head out of the window.
  4. Please avoid opening umbrella to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers.
  5. Bad weather or official storm warning may result in tour suspension.
  6. Eating. drinking, and smoking are prohibited on the bus, only capped drinks are allowed.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to stand while traveling< please sit and fasten your seat belt.
  8. Please keep your e-ticket with you at all times.
  9. Baggage and small items carried by passengers should be placed under the seat without hindering other passengers, and please keep them by yourself. Please place large luggage according to the instructions of the driver.
  10. Raincoats will be distributed to upper-level passengers when it rains. When necessary, the car attendant will pull up the canopy to prevent raindrops from entering the car and affecting passengers.
  11. Only indoor seats are provided with free USB charging stations. If you need to charge passengers, please sit in the indoor seating area.
  12. Please be aware that eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, and betel nut are not allowed on the bus.
  13. The Aniki Sauna attraction must be over 18 years old to enter, and ID cards are required to enter.




透過符合年代演變的音樂風格,搭配著臺北意象的演變,帶領民眾一起走進多元而繽紛的Color Taipei!





小綠芽創意 憑電子票證於小綠芽創意粉絲團報名植栽課程享9折優惠。
標點符號夢想早午餐 -西門逗號店

電子票券持有者本人於該預約場次免收場地費 (桌遊)

#備註: 1. 與店內活動不得重複使用。 2. 同一票券僅能使用一次優惠。 3. 需事前電話預約,預約時須說明持有票券;不接受現場報名。

金品茶樓 10月底前憑票券享九折優惠,再送2顆特色小籠包
Silver Spring。金工。手作銀飾

金工課程,不限品項,二人同行,第二人/件8折。(原價$1,680~$4,980,價低者折) 憑電子票券,於2020/11/15前可享此優惠,一券限用一次。

課程地點:誠品生活武昌店2樓「Silver Spring。金工。手作銀飾」櫃位。


方案一:幸福一號罐《我只想要簡單一點》 兩小時拍攝 一個場景拍攝 10組精修圖, 拍攝款為白紗一套,一套造型設計 原價16800 九折優惠15000

方案二:幸福三號罐《給想要拍婚紗,但又不想要輸出成品的你》 八小時拍攝,30組精修圖, 造型師全日跟拍 三套造型設計 拍攝款白紗一套+拍攝款晚禮服兩套+設計款新郎西服ㄧ套 原價28800 九折優惠26000


方案一:【文化體驗】大稻埕旗袍換裝,帶您重回1920年華 九折優惠

方案二:【錄音體驗】明日之星就是你!錄製你的微專輯 九折優惠 原價1,000/4,500 優惠價900/4,050




Escapeholics 密室逃脫

方案一:全時段優惠: 9 折 、兩場 8折

方案二:指定時段優惠: 每週四 一場 8折、兩場 7折


Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee 單人消費滿400元招待米布丁一杯(原價140元)



方案三:於本店PIZZA日(週五~週日)滿四人來店消費(每人消費店內商品任一即可) 即招待11吋義式薄皮披薩一客(口味任選)




Double 束胸 憑卷消費 可贈送一件短T
Wonder Bar Taipei 憑卷贈送一杯彩虹特調Shot
PJ Wine 憑卷贈送一杯紅酒或白酒
Abrazo Bistro擁抱餐酒館 憑卷來店消費可兌換Abrazo彩虹礦泉水
阿金食堂 來店消費贈送點心一份
期間限定 運動休閒服飾享有8折優惠
地圖製造 全館95折
台北當代藝術館 即日起至109年10月31日止。 憑《彩虹觀光巴士之電子票證》即可享有以下優惠: l MOCA系列商品9折。 l 藝術專輯「光合作用:亞洲當代藝術同志議題展」買一送一!(限量50組) https://reurl.cc/Xkmpze
3F天空 購買滿百起9折優惠
T-Studio PAR.T 憑券消費不限金額  即送指定內褲

1. 票券一張限折抵乙次,每人限用乙張。

2. 每張票券折抵新台幣100元。

3. 本優惠不得與其他本館優惠合併使用。

4. Funlock保有活動修改及最終解釋之權力。

5. 詳細注意事項以官網為主。


體驗《蛋糕DIY品項》(除經濟艙外), 另附贈航空體驗區『機長、空服員制服體驗套裝一套』或外帶一杯『空姐特調』。



 (Atami Hotel Taipei Onsen)
北投亞太會館 (Asia Pacific Hotel) a.憑「彩虹觀光巴士」電子票券,


瘋台北青旅Fun Inn Taipei 憑「彩虹觀光巴士」電子票券,10/1-10/31期間電話訂房,享住宿房價95折優惠
捷絲旅 西門店 (JustSleep Hotel) 享週日至週五官網訂房客房,免費升一等優惠(每日限量三間)
以及免費mini bar(依房型人數提供)
町‧記憶旅店 3館


a. 「舒適雙人房」享買一晚送一專案

b. 「頂級奢華浴缸房」一泊二食專案

Citizen M 世民酒店台北北門

憑「彩虹觀光巴士」電子票券,可享citizenM Taipei North Gate 二樓 canteenM 的飲料及餐點85折優惠 

可使用日期及時間為 2020/10/3-10/31 (含當日)週一至週日 11:00~23:00。


Happy hour (買一送一)優惠方案

gomaji 券方案



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