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Welcome to Taiwan

“Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage in historic first for Asia”

Taiwan is most LGBT-friendly country in Asia, the ground-breaking marriage equality bill came into effect on May 24th, 2019, shedding a beacon of light on gay rights in Asia. Taiwan also hosts the biggest pride parade in the region, 2019 will expect a turnout of 200,000. Taiwan is also known for vibrant Lesbian and Gay lifestyle scene, you can easily find LGBT-themed cafes, bars, bookstore, and clubs. LGBT events and gatherings are also held regularly.

Taiwan is also the best place for foodies, whether you're into Michelin-starred restaurants or street food, you’ll definitely find satisfaction for your palate. Traveling-wise, Taiwan is safe to walk around even deep into the night, people are often amazed to find their lost phones.

If you're thinking of where to go on your next vacation? Taiwan should definitely be your number 1 choice. Taiwan welcomes everyone to be just who you are!

Taiwan is the most LGBT-friendly country in Asia, making it the number one LGBT destination to be. Taiwan welcomes everyone to come celebrate  love and just be yourself. 

Just a few reasons why you should come to Taiwan : 
1) Taiwan is the only country to legalize gay marriage in Asia.
2) Home to the largest Gay Pride celebration in Asia
3) A bustling LGBT scene: Art Exhibitions, Cafes
4) Thriving LGBT nightlife : Bars/Clubs for Gays and Lesbians
5) Rich culture of making LGBT-themed movies
6) Variety of delicious food choices
7) Clean, safe, affordable and easy to get around

LGBT Friendly Restaurants/Cafe


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Bars in Taiwan

FUl Taipei

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